Monday, August 9, 2010

Being Senior

For this new semester,I am part3 student.For the first time, I feel being truthly a senior,because before this, I was being part 1 and part 2 student are complicated and difficulty time. So, this semester I feel,relief and little light.Many of story,that I want to share about being senior for this new semester 3.

On 4th July 2010, I come to registration my room college in Dewan Sri Peria, I do not feel anything, because it was first day and I thought it was the common enviroment, as usually when i register in part 2 last semester, but my assumption is totally change when I see part 1 student. It shows that I was already senior even though i am in part3.

Sometimes, i feel better if being senior. because i will not feel in bullying.because before this, many of senior like to bully junior the things should not be applicable to all.We should think about people's feelings, not all bad people all the same, studying in the same place. The different is a characteristic that distinguishes these.

So the conclusion is to be a senior or not, that is important is to learn and keep their modesty and respect for one another.

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