Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Memory of Ramadhan

First of Ramadhan all of Muslims, will celebrated their fasting month. They will fasting about 1 month, from that, they will learn how to prevent from hunger and thirst and also prevent,us from do the bad things, like contracted. Fasting, is one of thing that is mandatory for Muslims before they celebrate their Hari Raya festival.

For me,every month of Ramadhan had leave many of memory and also have a lot of story that I cannot forget when the day is come. So that, I want to tell about my memory of Ramadhan that I cannot forget because every Ramadhan comes I will always remember it. The story begin with the first day of Ramadhan,my family and I were fasting as usually, 4p.m we woke up for sahur but my mother, woke up early at 3p.m because she had to cook for us. We were eating together, many kind of behaviour, I can see while eating together.Especially my little brother, he was eating but his eyes were also closed, it is very funny, we all laughed to him, but he did not realize it. After, we finished up our dawn meal, we all pray together.

Then, in the evening, while waiting time of breaking fast, I was helping my mother to cook for break fast dishes. My little brother, this time was the first time he was fasting,he was very excited to wait for breaking fast. So that, early he had already sat on the floor. When it was time, for break, my little brother quickly, pick up the food with his greedy and ignoring we all. We were very surprised, saw his reaction like that.But we still,continued eating.

Suddenly, after had finished up eating, my little brother was vomiting. We were all shocked, exhausted all the food by my brother vomiting. My little brother, could only silent and cannot do anything. Then, my mother told him to change his clothes and clean up himself. My sister and I continued to clean the contaminated food that was vomiting. We had to remove the food.

Finally,it wast he memory that I would not forget it. I will remember it, each time Ramadhan month came.That was my memory of Ramadhan.

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