Saturday, September 25, 2010


She is the first friend that i very close in class since in part 1 until now. She is nice person. Her face look matured. Sometimes she is also a strict person. In class, some of classmate call her headmaster.I glad to be friend with her because she is a helpful friend, she help me a lot.

Siti Noor Aishah(Sha)
She is kindly person and one of my close friend. Sometimes she is weird person. She likes to do things that people rarely make,for example she like furry thing and like to eat burnt cake. Sometimes, she is stubborn. But the thing that i like her is, she is a cat lover.She loves cats very much.

Nurul iza(iza)
She is caring,clever and cute person. She is also friendly and help me a lot. First i met her, when we together watch movie in sha room. She is also,sometimes strict to get the work done, but i like joking with her and glad to be friend with her.

Shabirul ain(shabi)
She is a very cute girl and childish nature but she is intelligent and hardworking person. She will finish up all of work, on time. She is also, quiet person.

She is very diligent,stylish and clever girl. she has very nice body. She likes, to make a joke but also serious in doing the work.She likes to be herself and do not hypocrite.

Nik Syaza Syafinaz(finaz)
Finaz is very soft girl. She has an unique voice and has a characteristic of motherhood. She is very close with Siti, since part 1. They are always do a work together.

Siti Soleha(sokso)
She is a quiet girl sometimes, but she is a very hardworking and clever girl. She live same hostel with me. She is very kind and nice person.

She is an interesting girl. She likes to wear Syria scarf in class. She is also very smart girl. When, i do not understand some topic, i will prefer to asked her. She is also, the important person in herba life.

Diyana Izni
She is close with Zara. She is also interesting girl. Many of us notice, that her face same with one of senior. She is very good in English speaking. Glad to be friend with her.

Ain Diana(Ain)
She is also live same hostel with me and also roommate with iza. So that, they always go class together. She is very clever in make-up. Ain is also hardworking girl and always carry out the tasks composed.

Nurul Fasheha(Ceah)
She has same favorite colour with me which is green. Many of her things are in green color. She is friendly and not arrogant. Very stylish and do not care what people say to her.We all call her 'Ceah'.

She is close with Fasheha. Shiera likes to wear shell. She is slumber and brutal girl. she is cool and glad to be friend with her.

She is close with Ku Nurazila in class. She is very good friend and cool person. I never see her angry. She is also smart girl and like to share her idea with her friends.

Ku Nurazila(Kuchek)
She has a pretty and sweet face. In class, we all call her Ku, but she has an interesting name which is 'Kuchek. Sometimes, she is corny but it doesn't matter to her, she is cool. She is good speaking and educator.

She is little cute girl. She is rarely talking in class but she is hardworking and responsible girl in completing the tasks. Although, she has a little body, but she is mature-minded.

She is softly person. She likes to smile to everyone and also rarely see she angry. She is also smart in study and diligent person. Always completing the work on time.

Fatin Afiqah(Afie)
She is quiet person. Rarely hear she talk in class but she is hardworking girl. She is very close with mira, wawa and ika. They always do work together.

She is diligent and smart girl. She is also completing her tasks on time. Sometimes she is also strict and emotional when she had a problem. But she is good friend.

She is friendly girl and always make a joke in class. She is very cheerful and also slumber girl. she always make friends happy and laugh.

She is our class cap in this semester. In class, we call she 'Ponti'. She is very responsible person and smart in doing the tasks that have given to her. She is kind and cheerful person.

She is very good and intelligent person. She is good in speaking. Because of that, she is take part in debate club. She likes to share her knowledge with her friends.

She is very cheerful and intelligent person. Always get best result in exam. She is cool and slumber person. She is also friendly and always commented to her friends.

He is very funny person in class. He never serious in class.He always like to laugh and make a joke in class. Although, he like that, he is intelligent and will complete the tasks that have given.

He is a creative man. Sometimes, he is also like to make a joke and have very unique voice because when he is talking it is clear. He is also clever and responsible person.

He is funny and hardworking person. Always completing the tasks.He do not like to talk too much. He prefers to remain silent.

He has a little cute body. He is nice and kindly person. He likes to make a joke with his friends. In class, we call he 'perot'.

He is sometimes very funny person. He is also like to make a joke and sometimes do not serious when talking. But he is good in completing his work.

He has a big body. In class, we all call his as 'Bub'. Sometimes he is serious and strict when he is talking. But he likes to make joke in class.

He has a very nice and handsome face. Many girls who see it will be tempted. Sometimes he do not take serious in doing a work he is smart in study. He is also soft spoken in class.