Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Roomates

Everyone who had been live in hostel, must have roomates. Including me, I also ever live in hostel since I in form 4 and form 5, until now in UiTM. In school hostel, I have many roomates because the room in hostel is dorm. Dorm can accommodate about more than ten students. But now, I live in hostel in University, the hostel is call as Zamrud.

I have been live in zamrud college, since I in part student. In part 1, I get both rooms at the top levels. In that room, my roomate is senior. Her name is Atiqah.She is part 5 student, from Selangor.She studies in course bussiness. During, 1 part with her many of experiences that she shares with me. She is actually, a good and hardworking person. When she have a free time she likes to spend her time with study and like to clean up the room. She is also a caring roomate, because she ever take care of me when I get a sick.But, now she had already grade. I really miss her and hope can meet her again.

In part 2, I get 3 roomates. I do not get my first room. This room is at the back block and also, at the top levels. My first roomate that I meet is my senior roomate. Her name is Nur Nadirah. I calls her Sis Nad. She is in course account part 6. She is from Kelantan.She is pretty and good roomate. We always talk and share our problems together.My second roomate name is Siti Nadhirah but I call her Didy. She is from Shah Alam and also taking course account same with Sis Nad, but same part with me. she is very friendly person.Everyday she likes to make a joke and make us in room laugh.My third roomate name's in part 2 is Nur Shafiqa. I call her, Shiqa. She is from Johor Bahru. She is same part with me and same course with me. So, it make us easy to make discussion about our subject.She is helpful roomate. She teach me, to understand the subject that I cannot understand.

Now, I am in part 3. My room is still the same,when I was part 2. But my roomates change, only one is the same that is Didy.The other two are same part with us.First, her name is Fara.She s from Johor Bahru. She is a religious and hardworking person. Everyday, when she have free time, she likes to study.She always remember me, not miss to pray. Another roomate name's is Salsabila or we call her Bella. She is from Shah Alam. She is foot path and friendly person. She likes to smile and help us. She also like going out with her friends and rarely not in room.But she is hardworking person. She always clean up the room.

I hope, if I meet a new roomate I can share knowledge and problem together and also can help each other when some of us have in trouble.

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