Saturday, October 16, 2010


Firstly, hate people who take things upon themselves because when I see people who look or a pretender I'll crap and disgusted. to me that these people really just want to show off think that they were good, but actually not, but again makes the crap.

Secondly, hate smokers, as for me, smoking is a bad thing, it is much more harmful and one, because I do not like the smell, if I smell smoke, I will be dizzy and nauseated. moreover, my family all non-smoking.

Thirdly, hate the smell of rotten as we know, not only that I do not like the smell of rot, of course, those outside are also similar. I do not like the smell of rotten, because they disrupt the environment and makes me less enjoyable.

Fourthly, hate people interfering in my case, because why is it that, plus the things I want to go, but I do not intervene the case of the person, so people who like to mix in my case, you better stay away.

Fifthly, hate fighting and do not like seeing people fight. act of fighting for this, many gave bad. and those who fight can sometimes lead to death, therefore, if I fight, I will make sure it does not take long. If not, I would rather give up than fight for a long time.

Sixthly, hate if my hair long . Because when I has a long hair, I will fiber and uncomfortable. I am a lazy no good and take care of the long hair,. I will feel more comfortable and will feel lighter and easier to think if my hair short.So, if my hair long, I rarely will let the past, I would tie my hair or bun it.

Seventhly, hate people taking advantage of my goodness, if people do that to me, I would hate him and would not help these people again. meaning that if people do good with me, I will be better with him.

Eightly, hate when asked to make something work that is forcibly. I prefer if i do a job with my consent. as for me, when with own consent, we will be honest and happy to do the job without complaining.

Ninthly, hate the atmosphere too much noise and the place is too full of people. because it makes me very fiber. I prefer to be quiet and alone for the time being, I will be able to think calmly and freely do whatever.

And the last one,tenthly. hate to make people wait and to be waiting for people. because if I make someone wait. I would think should not be and do everything possible to move quickly. If I was, waiting for people, and if they are deliberately slow this can makes me angry and willing to leave one.

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