Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A New Semester Begins

On 4th July,I have to go back to Uitm Segamat for the new semester.This semester,I am part 3 student.I reach in UiTM at 11.30 a.m.I goes to my hostel for send my all bags that I brings,my family was help me to put all bags in my room.Before I goes to Dewan Sri Peria for my college registration,I was eating nasi lemak with my family while I was waiting my friend.My friend was messsage me to waited before registered my college room.I was registered with my friend in the evening at 3p.m.When we arrive in DSP many people who want to enter to their college, were registered.

So, my friend and i have to wait until our turn.After our registration college is completed,we moved to our respective rooms to pack and sort the goods that were taken. So that it seems not to be scattered. My family also, help me pack my stuff.After everything was over, my family would also like to go home. I shook hands before they go home. They told me to study hard-hard and increase the pointer. I nodded and promised to study hard. My parents just smiled.

When my family was home, I got a message from my friend Sha, she asked me to come to her room. Then,when I arrived alone in her room, I did not realize that there is her mother, so I spoke to my friend slumber but after my friend told that her mother was there, I quickly shook hands with her mother and her mother just smiled.

In a few minutes later, the Sha's family also want to return to their homes.
Sha's mother also told me just like my parents to look after yourself good and study hard. At the same time, I get the fried rice which is given by the Sha's mother. I am very grateful, because it is the middle of my hunger and really to thanked to Sha's mother.

At night,
Iza and Sha invited me to eat with them at the booth next to my college. Sha brought a bowl of durian, it smells so strong it makes other people to smell. Iza, was brought the burger that she willingly spent all of us. We are all very happy for the time being, though tired, this new semester gave a lot of beautiful memories. That I would not forget.

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